how long is delivery within Australia?

We will endeavour to dispatch orders next business day. Depending on the parcel and location, we should be able to get your goods to you within 3 business days from the time you order. Freight companies may take up to a week if your location is remote.

can I pick up my goods I've ordered?

Yes, but please call ahead to let us know you're coming in - our number is (08) 7092 4445. We are located at: 12 Ferry Avenue, Melrose Park, SA, 5039, Australia. Our business hours are: 0800 - 1630 Mon - Thu, 0800 - 1230 Fri, And we are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - but presently our website is not configured to handle international shipping estimates. Feel free to get in touch with us at info@neatgearboxes.com.au - and we can quote your shipment based on your specific location.

Do the prices on this site include goods and services tax (GST)?

Yes, by default. International orders will not be charged GST, which will be excluded at the checkout based on the country we are delivering to.

Are the parts listed on your site actually in stock?

If you can put the goods in your cart, they are to the best of our knowledge in stock right here in Adelaide. Sometimes we might hit a system error where our inventory system is out of sync - if this is the case we will inform you of the lead time and you will have the option to wait or receive a refund. Unlike many other auto parts websites that appear to always have stock but those orders are only processed once a payment is received, our system keeps a daily check on inventory to ensure we are only offering the parts we can actually deliver in a timely fashion.

Do you offer warranty on your parts?

While we assume that the vast majority of the parts for sale on our site are used for racing and off-road use, in which case normal warranties do not apply, we do back our products to perform even in high-performance applications. If you experience a component failure, we would like to hear about it. There is always a possibility that there could be manufacturer imperfections or faults and so we will take any claim seriously, and replace, repair or refund (our decision as to which one is suitable) within a 12 month period if that is the case. The warranty only covers the part purchased from us - not the labour to remove and refit or any other damage that may be a result of fitting the part. Please note that many of the components available on our site require professional installation, as this effects how the parts will run and how well they will last - please see the note below about technical support.

Do you provide technical support for your products?

If you're not sure how to install the item you've purchased from this site, seek professional guidance or assistance. We can offer setup specifications for the items in our shop on request, but we cannot provide detailed technical assistance for installation of complex parts. When in doubt, seek the help of a drivetrain specialist.