Race proven products

Custom parts for your high performance manual gearbox, dual clutch transmission, differential and transfer case - many of which you'll find nowhere else.

Products designed and developed in-house

Custom diff gear ratios for popular motorsport applications.

Product knowledge derived from experience

We build high performance transmissions and differentials on a daily basis and know what parts work.

We make drivetrains stronger and more efficient.

This is all we focus on, and we are getting pretty good at it.

We know that the gearbox, transfer case and diff parts you will find on this site are the best for each application, because we install them every day in our workshop in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have a constant feedback loop with our customers and sponsored test vehicles who are out there pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the models and components listed on this site. As a result, there is not one product listed on this store that we haven’t tried and tested multiple times in our own workshop – all the junk has been filtered out. We are proud to offer every single product listed, because we have built our reputation with them.

Some are parts made and developed by other well known and regarded world-class manufacturers such as Pfitzner (PPG), Brena Racing, Albins and OS Giken. Many other parts are unique products developed in-house and made by us and for us exclusively – which you’ll find nowhere else but here (and perhaps with some of our most trusted partners).

Either way, we just know that you will be stoked with the quality of all of these parts, which will make your drivetrain stronger and more efficient.


Sam Charlick
Neat Gearboxes